Texas Local Nonprofit News, Events and Chat for Thursday - October 21

The latest local Houston/Dallas/Austin/San Antonio area nonprofit news to help power your network, strengthen your organization and keep you involved with your professional peers, funders, competitors and cohorts!

Interested in participating in #ClimathonHouston 2021 + want to learn more? Tune in tomorrow at 11:30 am CT for a convo with @gracerodriguez, @MichelleA_HTX, @EnergyCapHOU!
Find the livestream on:
Facebook - https://t.co/OL9sHwyYgJ
YouTube - https://t.co/keKCMXdfE4

We've packed it in this week with our Criminal Justice Panel and philanthropy’s role to reduce mass incarceration, community service project assembling hygiene kits for homeless youth at @ptokc, networking opportunities, & learning at our 32 breakout sessions! #PSWrebuildtogether

What a night! Thank you @TheLeslieJordan for an incredible performance and for sharing the inspiration behind your newest book, “How Y’all Doing?” It was a meaningful evening, and a wonderful way to spread awareness for our nation's literacy challenge.

Thank you so much for joining us today, @meena! We loved having you.

Agreed! Congress should pass 12-month health coverage for new moms — the top recommendation of the Texas Maternal Mortality Review Committee.

#BuildBackBetter #TXlege #TXPN3
@LaCongresista @RepEscobar @RepEBJ @JacksonLeeTX18 @RepLloydDoggett @RepVeasey https://t.co/i6VXtnJIIo

Tonight’s emcee @CapehartJ joins our co-chairs Doro Bush Koch and Tricia Reilly Koch, President and CEO, British A. Robinson, and phenomenal featured authors @@thelesliejordan, @AskMateo, @meena, @TimShriver, and @evachen212 to celebrate our literacy-focused mission.

Opportunity for system-impacted women: The Journal of Women and Criminal Justice is seeking writing and art related to mass incarceration.

Thank you @JudgeKPGeorge for joining us today for the State of @TxDOT 2021. #transportation #mobility

What are you doing for #halloween? Join us for a spooky online tour! https://t.co/A0CQ0x7LPX

When you give to Planned Parenthood, you provide life changing care for those who rely on us. To donate, click here: https://t.co/vBZOAAHNFt #ElPasoGivingDay #EPSHRM

James feeling wistful as Mimi talks about our voting rights under attack at our Austin Happy Hour!

Adverse childhood experiences stem from toxic stress occurring during childhood, which can change how the brain develops. When traumatic events are left untreated, the growth in dysregulated stress can lead to health issues. Learn more via @PsychToday. https://t.co/oUiqY3ZHo4

Don't miss out on our Paws & Pals: Shelter Soirée Online Silent Auction is open! Every dollar will go directly back to the shelter to help our pets. Register & bid, see all items on https://t.co/5ohgSgNFEk

How do the streams in Texas stay so clear and beautiful? Freshwater mussels filter out chemicals and bacteria like E. Coli, pharmaceuticals & pesticides. Let's keep our water streams clean! Take action now and submit a message through @wildlifeaction! https://t.co/0sdNefva4n

Communities for Peace will present the world premiere of El Paso Requiem during the El Paso Symphony Orchestra’s concerts at 7:30 pm Friday, Oct. 22 and Saturday, Oct. 23 in the Plaza Theatre.

For tickets, head to https://t.co/yNuI8uNtWw.

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