Project Description

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Welcome Your Visitors To Your Nonprofit Facilities With A Smart, Simple And Secure Visitor Management System.  Streamline Your Front Desk And Deliver The Best Visitor Experience Imaginable While Adding A Safer Touchless Entry And Access.

Resume business in your Nonprofit facilities safely and ensure the safety of your employees with a contactless sign in solution.

The SWIPED ON contactless sign in solution provides a hygienic, touch free way to register anyone entering your workplace. Visitors, Volunteers and Donors can easily scan a QR code hosted on the iPad and sign in using their own mobile device. Using our dedicated smartphone app; SwipedOn Pocket, your employees can simply sign in using their smartphone – eliminating the need to sign in using a communal device.

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Show people your business is efficient, agile and clever before a word is spoken. Our tailored touch screen technology communicates that your business is forward-thinking and adaptive.

First Impressions Count

Health and safety are a top priority for every business. Our digital in and out board allows you to get a complete picture of who is on site with real-time visitor and employee movements.

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Paper-based systems are old-fashioned, messy and wasteful. Make your visitors feel welcome with a customized sign in app that engages them from the get-go.

Time is Precious