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Funders’ News and Chat Through Wednesday - April 14

A little-known treaty allows corporations to sue countries for decisions that negatively impact their profits. Without reforming this, big energy corporations can easily block efforts to combat the climate crisis.

"As we think about the work of #RacialJustice and #Democracy, we have to remember that this work preceded us and will continue after us," says @staceyabrams. "Our obligation, our opportunity, is to do the best we can to investigate, experiment and iterate." #SkollWF

An important conversation next week featuring two MacArthur Fellows (#MacFellow)! 🧠🧠


“I think this signals a major shift in the corporate community’s understanding of the urgency of climate change as a systemic financial risk.” Important news today, and it's great to see @CeresNews leading on #climate action

We need more folks to share that many, many people continue to need help because of the severe weather and flooding a few weeks. Thank you @WPLN for reporting. Gifts to help flood relief can be made at

We're curious to know: One thing that could change your community for the better is _______.

The story is not over, absolution is not due, with the admission of the killing of Daunte Wright as ‘an accident.’ This does not mean much within policing systems that have never prioritized treating Black lives with care? #AbolishThePolice

We loved hearing from our #SkollWF panelists on all the things we can learn from our cultures and histories as we pursue #racialjustice. @bothao framed it beautifully, highlighting how understanding collective wellbeing can help with #ClosingTheDistance

A panel of experts, including CFMT Board Trustee and friend @momatate Deborah Taylor Tate, share advice on preventing eviction via @nc5 OpenLine

As students approach life transitions from high school to higher education or college to careers, #socialemotionallearning can prepare them to overcome obstacles on their path to success and "Rethink Failure." Our free lesson bundle is available now at

Is doing good good enough? 🤔

On April 22, MacArthur President @jpalfrey joins a @Rotary Discussion Series on driving meaningful change and building a better world. 🌎🌍🌏


Spilka pushes for intergenerational care centers to alleviate ‘caregiving crisis’ via @BosBizJournal

In a panel on intergenerational collaboration for #justice, @btpaschall had some great advice for #ClosingTheDistance for #SkollWF that focuses on showing up for your community

Are BIPoC communities able to access and safely use parks without fear of police? And are the quality of those parks equitable? @BUonCities took this issue to 130 mayors from different political backgrounds. #MeninoSurvey:

Gift #39: A $2.5K gift from the @CWFoundation is helping Food2Go provide free, weekend breakfast and lunch meals for Centerville students in need. Learn more:

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