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We want to come to your house for dinner, Marshall! 🤩

That sounds phenomenal 😋😋 Minus the house burning down, of course! Grandparents make the best food 🙌

North Carolina cuisine just hits different 😋👏 Do y’all have a favorite NC speciality?

We strive to be the people’s museum, and being in North Carolina, we’re incredibly fortunate to have the BEST people like you. 😊

You’re welcome here anytime! 😎

Wow, Erich, we’re honored for all the love on your birthday! Happiest of birthdays to our guy, Erich, y’all 🎊🎉🥳🎂

Gov. Roy Cooper says students and staff should wear masks in schools this fall regardless of vaccinations. That decision is up to local boards of education, however, some of which have already voted to make masks optional. #nced

Need to #hire staff for your #nonprofit and finding slim pickings? 60 seconds of wisdom from @StaffingBtqInc who is always in the mix of the action.

Today, as a year ago, a successful school year hinges on the extent to which civil society remains disciplined in adopting the measures to thwart the spread of the virus, writes @FerrelGuillory.

There is a lot in this story, but one value underscores all of it - our society does not really care if women are safe or not.

“Many of my teachers got COVID, and they need a pay increase. And guess what? You can go and work at the grocery store and make more money than you do in child care. Why is that?”

Peas are a great source of fiber and protein. Be sure to grab some when you're at the grocery store to add to your next meal! #FoodFactFriday

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